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Billion Happiness


Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project, with a goal of introducing Blockchain to billions of people through simple needs including clothes or wearables, crypto essentials like hardware wallets and through interests and passion including digital artworks.
It is committed to providing Happiness by rewarding its community through its token called BHC. The rewards can be earned from every purchased items on its online store.
Billion Happiness Community Token (BHC) is a cryptocurrency created originally as a reward for Billion Happiness Community. It's further development led its way to DeFi world. Making the token farmable, stake-able, and tradable on various exchanges.
Furthermore, Billion Happiness aims to provide "product ownership" on its merchandise in order to prevent counterfeit items, opening the way to the NFT realm.
And the rest is history!


Billion Happiness Reward System

For every products sold from E-com Store, a 3% cash back will be allocated to the client. Profits from the product sold will be divided into replenishment of the product and to buying back of BHC Token on exchange. The accumulated BHC rewards of the Client can also be use to repurchase items from the e-com store and can be traded on these exchanges.

There are only a total of 50,000 supply circulating in the market. These are allocated to holders, pools, partnership and giveaways.
More information on BHC tokenomics: BHCv2 Tokenomics
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